The Moving Picture Show

$28 or $21 for concession

Civic Theatre

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11 June 2022
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Speedy starring Harold Lloyd is best known for crazy chases in Model T Fords through the Streets of New York, a wonderful scene in Coney Island on death defying rides plus a real baseball game with Babe Ruth in a cameo role. Altogether a funny and wonderfully historic film.

It’s a Gift is a comedy take on 1920 cars starring the Australian Snub Pollard.

The show is in the original 1920s format starting with the 1920s National Anthem , ads accompanied by a pianola, a comedy short and the feature. The Moving Picture Show team includes an orchestra, a foley artist, all led by pianist Bernard Walz. All performers are wearing original twenty outfits of the era and playing music once part of a library held by The State Theatre Sydney and were used in the silent era to accompany the silent films.